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The word horror is applicable when it comes to describing what has happened to America’s lakes and streams in our cities…right under our noses. Let me tell you more. I have been involved in efforts to begin to clean up our neighborhood lake.We know what has caused the pollution and what the remedies are to […]

The worst president in the history of the US being defended by the worst ex-president in our history(Comments Off)

Carter ‘Racism’ Claim Draws Widespread Criticism President Obama’s supporters have attributed racist motives to opponents of his health care plan for weeks, but former President Jimmy Carter is the highest-profile person to push that claim. Former President Jimmy Carter drew widespread criticism Wednesday for saying in an interview that Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” […]

The world is being turned upside down for the wrong causes(Comments Off)

When are these morons in organizations like the ACLU going to realize that freedom of religion is not freedom from religion? And have they not read the reference to God and even literally to Christ in the Constitution??? Justices take up fight today over 75-year-old cross in Calif. honoring WWI soldiers that was covered with […]

If your kids are in public school, you better be involved(Comments Off)

The far left will do anything….If your kids are in public school, you better be involved… Thursday, September 24, 2009 A video posted on YouTube appears to show a New Jersey elementary school class being taught to sing praises of the “great accomplishments” of President Obama. The video shows nearly 20 young children taught […]

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